CBFORE main target is addressing the struggles that financial Institutional Investors face on a daily basis to assess and control risk on financial markets, through a sophisticated Analytics Engine and highly customizable professional advisory.

CBFORE applies proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms into its data analysis systems in order to model and predict financial markets with high reliability, that can be proved by verifiable track records.

By taking advantage of the Analytics Platform and consultancy provided by CBFORE, Asset Managers and Institutional Investors are able to assess risks on financial markets in real time and for the future, in order to choose the best timing for any trading or investment decision.

Management Team

The people who joined the CBFORE project are successful entrepreneurs, managers, and asset managers who managed companies in many countries around the world, and who hold excellent track records in trading stocks, options and currencies.

They participate in many important worldwide financial associations, and achieved important professional qualifications. Among the others:

- Chartered Auditor and Tax Consultant

- Certified International Wealth Management Diploma (AIWM) 

- Financial Derivatives Certificate (CISI - UK)

- FCA (Financial Conduct Authority - UK): Approved Persons (Directors and Portfolio Managers)

- Data Science Certificate (Johns Hopkins University - USA)

- Tackling the Challenges of Big Data (MIT - USA)

- Financial Engineering and Risk Management (Columbia University - USA)

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